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Stone Stories

Ancient Stones Found at Easter Island

You probably know the Moai, these famous heads arranged through the Easter Island located in Polynesia. Belonging to the Chilean heritage, these heads were carved into the volcanic rock between 1100 and 1680 . Archaeological excavations began in 1914 on this island, and the number of discovered statues stands at 887, with an average weight of close to 14 tons . What few people know is that these giant heads have in reality... a body!
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How River Rocks Become Round

Ever wondered how river rocks become round?

“The fine particles that are produced by abrasion are the things that go into producing the floodplain downstream in the river; it's the sand that gets deposited on the beach; it's the mud that gets deposited in the estuary," Douglas Jerolmack, associate professor in Penn's Department of Earth and Environmental Science.”

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The research was supported by the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund and the National Science Foundation.

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