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Landcape and Hardscape Products

The Stone Store carries Polymeric Sand for Pavers
The Stone Store has Landscape and Hardscape Products

Landscape and Hardscape products are conveniently stocked for you at The Stone Store. Depend-able tools are an essential part of completing residential and commercial projects. From new in-novative tools to hard-to-find specialty tools, along with cleaners, sealers, edging, and polymeric sand, The Stone Store has what you need to make jobs that much easier. Call The Stone Store at 888-766-4242 for your Landscape & Hardscape product needs.

Landscape Fabric and Geotextiles

The Stone Store carries a full line of geotextile products including landscape fabric and geogrid. All of our products are engineering specified and can be used in construction and landscape projects large and small.

Geogrid in SoilGeogrid in Soil
Geotextile SwatchesGeotextile Swatches
Grids along PipeGrids along Pipe
Grid with AggregateGrid with Aggregate
Landscape FabricLandscape Fabric
Landscape FabricLandscape Fabric Roll
SRW Landscape FabricGeogrid

Hardscape Tools & Accessories

The Stone Store has Tools and Accessories for all your Hardscape Projects.

Landscape Block AdhesiveLandscape Block Adhesive
Hardscape ToolsHardscape Tools
Marking PaintMarking Paint

Drainage Products

New Product

Wall Drain Pro

Wall Drain Pro Installed in a Wall

Wall Drain Black Unit

The Stone Store provides water management solutions with our drainage products; Wall Drain Pro and FLEX-Drain. Both options are easy-to-use landscape tools that result in faster installation and reduced labor cost due to less cutting involved. FLEX-Drain's unique flexibility allows it to fit in tight spaces and curvy places, and is engineered for superior strength and durability. Wall Drain Pro is not only aesthetically pleasing with multiple color options, but the drain height can be easily modified to use with any size block. For more information, contact us today.

Drain Pipe

Edging Products

Snap Edge

Snap Edge paver edge restraint was designed with built-in connections to fasten one piece to the next. It's unique snip & flex feature speeds installation of curves and corners without planning.

Snap Edge

Steel Edging

Steel edging provides a lasting landscape edging for lawns, gardens, and work sites in commercial and residential projects. Steel metal edging provides the ideal lawn edging or garden edging because of its strength, durability, and flexibility

Metal Edging
aluminum Edging

Aluminum edging is the perfect solution for do-it-yourself homeowners. Not only is it engineered for an effortless installation and long-term durability, its flexibility allows beautiful curves to be easily formed that allow any landscape design to be achieved. Sizing available in 1/8"x4"x8' with various color options.

aluminum Edging aluminum Edging

Gravel-Lok™ Edging
Gravel-Lok for permeable natural stone pavement

Gravel-Lok EdgingGravel-Lok Edging Used in Landscaping

Gravel-Lok™ is a single component, moisture curing liquid scientifically designed to bond together a wide variety of aggregates. When combined with Cell-Tek's LSG Series Load Support Grid, the result is a permeable and durable natural stone pavement system which can be utilized in a wide variety of applications. The system is an ideal solution for stone scaping applications in residential and commercial areas. Maintaining the strength of traditional paving methods, nothing is sacrificed while creating an economical, decorative and functional pavement system.

Due to the nature of our earth's products: color, exact sizing, and special characteristics cannot be guaranteed. Please be aware of computer monitors and desktop printers when selecting colors whereas they may appear different from the actual. Please visit our Terms and Conditions quality section for further details.