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Recycled Materials

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The Stone Store has always focused on preserving the environment by selling and promoting eco-friendly products. The materials we sell are widely used in the construction industry and consist of recycled concrete, asphalt, stone and brick. The finished products are always limited, based on the availability of the raw materials in the market place. Below is list of the popular sizes available most of the time. Please call our sales department at 888-766-4242 for questions and availability.

Recycled Concrete

Recycled Concrete

RC-6 (Base material 2 inches to fine)

RC-57 (1 1/2 inches minus)

RC-2 (3 inches minus)

RC-Surge (3 inch - 8 inch)

Recycled Asphalt

Recycled Asphalt

RAB (Base material 2 inch to fine)

Asphalt Millngs-Fine Grade (Size varies)

Asphalt Millings-Coarse Grade(Size varies)

Recycled Glass
Bright vibrant colors meet the Great Outdoors.

Flowers and outdoor furniture cushions don't have to be the only vibrant color in your backyard. Recycled Glass can be used in Fire pits, Water Features, and Ground Cover to give your outdoor area that extra color boost. Tumbled, 100% recycled glass could be just what you're looking for.

Recycled Glass is ideal for fire pits, water features, ground cover and landscaping projects.

Due to the nature of our earth's products: color, exact sizing, and special characteristics cannot be guaranteed. Please be aware of computer monitors and desktop printers when selecting colors whereas they may appear different from the actual. Please visit our Terms and Conditions quality section for further details.